2023 Weverse Con Festival

06.10~06.11 KSPO DOME 88Lawn Field

How to Watch Online Streaming

  1. step_imageSTEP 1

    You can get tickets from the Weverse Shop app -> Weverse Con Festival or from the website (https://weverseshop.io)

    Shop Now
  2. step_imageSTEP 2

    Use the "Watch Now" button below, or in the product page to go to the online live streaming page.

    Watch Now
  3. step_imageSTEP 3

    Log in with the same Weverse Shop account that you used to purchase tickets.

  4. step_imageSTEP 4

    Verify your ticket in advance by using the "VALIDATE TICKET" button.

  5. step_imageSTEP 5

    Choose a nickname to send chat messages during the performances.

  6. step_imageSTEP 6

    The "Enter" button will be activated 1 hour before the performances. Enter and enjoy!


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Streaming Schedule

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